A big problem with the world, as I see it, is this push to reorder values (transvaluation of values) and hierarchies to satisfy certain outliers. You have a system(s) that is full of folks brainwashed by deconstructivist/Marxist ideas and they push for policy accordingly.
They weaponize Ressentiment in an attempt to tear down the underlying order of civilization and redefine values so "they" become the winners. They are weak, so weakness becomes a virtue and strength becomes bad/evil.
They cannot compete in the traditional sexual marketplace, so they attempt to reorder the game so they can (redefining beauty standards, etc). And so on.
This system in place is trying to cultivate Ressentiment, particularly in young men. It wants you distracted, bitter, and angry. Do not fall into that trap. Yes, this system does everything it can to take away traditional avenues for men to become what they were born to be.
There are fewer and fewer ways for men to engage in the heroic, or the protector, or the provider role. Most of these functions men and groups of men have traditionally performed have been outsourced to larger institutions. But it is not impossible and all is not lost.
If men (particularly young men) will work on squaring themselves away, avoid falling into the Ressentiment trap, and focus on their immediate area/what they can affect, we can turn this around.
And if you are a man and your shit is more or less squared away, mentor another young man or group of young men. Lead by example.
Ladies need to square their shit away as well. As a man, I cannot speak for women or their perspective, but I can say that whoring yourself out on the internet or anything like that isn't doing anyone any good.
If you want better quality men in the world, be a better quality woman. Select for better quality men and don't sell yourself short. Stop listening to purple haired lesbians with daddy issues. Those types are toxic people and they do not have your well being in mind.
To sum up this rant: Recognize the Ressentiment trap all around you and don't fall for it. Better yourself and help those who have fallen into the trap around you out of it.
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