giving Seventeen's future children AWFUL names: an unnecessary but hopefully amusing thread
seungkwan should never let me name his kids bc i already got the names and theyre awful🤩

son 1: Boo Seoksoon (you know😉)

son 2: Boo Biwa (read it fast😅 literally means it's raining tho)

daughter 1: Pika Boo (born in the US for the name order to be like this🙃)
I probably shouldn't name Hoshi's kids either😅

daughter: Kwon Academy (she'll be a great teacher someday🤓)

son: Tai Kwon-Do (requires his spouse to have the last name Do🥋 and being born outside Korea)
okay Woozi i'm sorry my guy don't call on me if you ever need to name a kid💔

daughter: Lee Ki-faucet(💦)

son: Lee Seonboi (my first love story🤩sorry lol)
Taking a break from the Lees - Mingyu~~ pls lemme name your daughters this💞

daughter: Kim Bapikidding (😏)

daughter: Kim Chitah (kimchi/cheetah✨)
Wonwoo don't judge me okay??these are good names i'm giving out here😳

son: Jeon Gulbeuk (🐒📖)

daughter: Jeon Hwa (her catch phrase is "call me anytime"📱)
Okay DK your kid is up next!! dw i got a really good one🥳

daughter: Lee Zanya (yum😋 must use DK's english voice)
Dino these names I made for your kids are so good i should be named godmother rn☺️

son: Lee Terman-Jacket (talk abt quarterback material😄)

daughter: Quiet Lee (also born in the west🇬🇧)
seungcheol would be the best dad so i came up with the best name for his kid:

son: By The Choi... (the ... is included on the birth certificate for emphasis)
using Jun's Korean last name bc it's easier to pronounce aka easier to make super awesome (read awful) creative names with:

daughter: Don't Swear By The Moon (shes a got7 stan🥳)

son: Moon Walker (moon walker walker walker moon walker✨)
alright alright alright vernon ✨personally✨asked me to come up with names so he'll be shaking in his boots after this:

son: Choi Not-Chu (talk abt iconic)

daughter: Uno Dos Choi (an american baby)
💞💞jeonghan with children>>>>>>
anyway i think i really came up with bad ones here so 10/10 would recommend coming up with a nickname:

daughter 1: Yoon Jeonghan's Aegi (baby)

daughter 2: Yoon NanHi (means exceptional in korean....different spelling tho)
i bet shua is shaking his head right now... deserved:

son: Hong Bbyong Bbyong (하트 뿅 뿅💞😍)
i tried my best okay?:

daughter: Is That Seo🤨 (must make that face when calling her name)

son: Seo Cute (bc lets be real minghao will have the cutest kids)
lmao I think I did an amazing job and if you guys wanna steak these names for your kids by all means go ahead🤩

which name is your favorite?? mine is between Kim Chitah, Pika Boo, and Kwon Academy🤪

lowkey tho Pika Boo is kinda my fav☺️
end thread.
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