Lol big debate with ma over whether we should switch to TOI (🙄) as our newspaper over Telegraph and all my points about paid media etc have been destroyed by ma's point that Telegraph paper is too fine to be used as lining for her vegetable trays but TOI's is just perfect
I have fully conceded, just can't argue with facts
Update: have won us Telegraph for another month although I fully expect sabotage since the kagoj wala is squarely in her side in this given I have never had any interaction with her
For those wondering why I didn't ask her to double line, I did and she countered with TOI has more pages so longer supply of lining paper plus they are full of ads so A LOT of those pages are glossy, which work even better than their regular pages.
Lol, I should clarify that I dont think Telegraph (apart from its editorial pages) is the hallmark of unbiased, incisive journalism either
But yeah, these are desperate times and standards are low and now its all about hey, they are not bhakts.

Bar is on the floor and all that
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