Dear people:

Comparing Europe to the United States is stupid on so many level. Here are two of them:

Being better than the US isn’t a very hard competition. We’ve set the bar *very low*.

European society is ultimately founded upon racism and white supremacy. It comes off diff.
Like whenever people hear that I live in Germany, they’re always like, “is it better there?”

My honest answer: It depends on your perspective. Living in a Catholic city as a gay foreigner makes you susceptible to xenophobia and homophobia, the former I don’t experience in 🇺🇸
Germans and Europeans used to get off talking about how they’re handling coronavirus better than we are, but again, *we set the bar ridiculously low*

Y’all opened up international borders when they should’ve been one of the last things to open, and now there are hotspots allover
And talking about racism and police brutality: Y’ALL HAVE IT, TOO

And when it doesn’t extend directly to Black people, it does to Arabs, Roma/Sinti, Turks - people who don’t look “White” in our eyes.

Minorities throughout Europe experience similar conditions as ours in 🇺🇸
This thread isn’t meant to discredit either country, but by comparing countries to each other, we either get a sense of resentment or comfort when in reality, both areas (US and Europe) need improvement.

I defend comparing a country w/ a continent due to the EU as a major force.
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