this tweet is for the Ladies: has anyone else had to fake being dead asleep bc the man in bed with you wouldn’t accept that you aren’t h*rny but then he touches your seemingly unconscious body anyway? trying to explain sexual experiences to a man and he thinks i’m being dramatic
because i do deep down fear most men, to avoid any conflict that may arise if i ask a man to stop i will either: roll onto my stomach if he’s touching my tits, if his hand is in my pants i roll on my other side in the fetal position so he removes his hand. i’ll fake snore too
it grosses me out that people i’ve called my friends have done this to me, and that people i’ve dated have done this to me too. if i say No that doesn’t mean wait until i’m unconscious for a yes. it means we’re going the fuck to sleep and you don’t have permission to touch me.
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