I'm not sure why this is difficult for some of you to understand. Whether Tyler changed his mind, production interfered, or Tyler is magnetized to the BB house, the fact that Xmas wasn't going to use the PoV and he didn't tell Bayleigh, that is a problem.
His conversation with BayDay about wanting to help them get to end is fine until you bring up "the movement/BLM". There's been a ton of discussion about performative activism and how activism CANNOT be a lukewarm swarm of gestures. Tyler listing that in his reasoning
and then not even having the decency to tell Bayleigh it's not gonna happen just cheapens the gravity of "the movement" and what that means to both Bay and Day. Day was in tears ya'll. "You don't how much this means, Tyler." And then he can't even tell them it's not gonna happen.
Going to great lengths to defend this behavior is just proof that some of you are only interested in the same performative activism that led to the embarrassment that Bay and Day felt when that PoV got closed in that box without usage.
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