Saw yesterday Lone 🐺 and Cub: 🗡 of Vengeance. Superb 1972 movie written by Kazuo Koike. Adapting in film the first part of his manga series drawn by Goseki Kojima. With its director Kenji Misumi stunning us with a great intro sequence at the beginning of the film.
With Lone 🐺 and Cub, Kazuo Koike presents a samurai revenge story where the Yagyu clan frames Ogami, the Shogun’s executioner, & murders in cold blood his wife & servants. Following that, Ogami & his son embark on a path of vengeance and live on the road, doing murder contracts
In its energy, the film follows the intensity of the gekiga manga current. In its image compositions, the mood, and the drama between its protagonists and antagonists. Presenting stunning images. Alongside memorable dialogues.
As for its fights, Lone 🐺 and Cub presents a dramatic and violent eighteenth century 🇯🇵. And is not afraid to present gory images and sound effects. Quite different from 1940s and 1950s Japanese movies whose sound and images did not allow this creative liberty.
As a story, Lone 🐺 and Cub is a movie that will delight samurai movies fans and manga readers. Within this film, you can see that Kenji Misumi is a talented director and an artist as influential to pop culture as Kazuo Koike.
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