Holy shit I need this book. https://twitter.com/ben_reinhardt/status/1302657377573965832
@Ben_Reinhardt One interesting rabbit hole this thread led me down was nuclear batteries. Just produce a bunch of, say, Ni-63 which becomes plain copper & you have something with a half-life of 100 years that produces *6kW* of power in the form of electrons per kg *all the time*
Even if you need 100x the material, if you could get a high conversion efficiency, say 80%, you could charge an EV at 15miles/hr of range using just 100kg of material. A phone uses 5W or so, and would need just 100g for the “battery” to operate *constantly.
I’m a physicist and love nuclear power, futurism, etc but never seriously considered the limits of what nuclear energy could potentially be capable of in this way. Which perhaps supports some of the point of the book.
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