Stop promoting and giving to shady super PACs organized by grifters who said they left the Democratic Party and celebrated the idea of Kamala Harris dying. @OpFDouglass was created by this anti-Democrat and anti-Biden/Harris person to enrich herself:
She has the nerve to use a Black man’s name to promote her PAC when she tweeted that a white woman was “passed over” for a Black woman for VP. She said she is no longer a democrat. Believe her.
This person said she wanted to start a new party to challenge democrats. Is that what she intends to do with the money donated to her PAC?
Her reaction to Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris says it all:
What a lot of these types of PACs do is create little twitter videos and call them ads—but they’re not actually doing an ad buy where it is shown anywhere outside their twitter bubble. Then their followers give them more money so the ad itself is profitable for them. Then the
PAC uses a little of that money to do a new ad, generate more followers and more profit. Lather, rinse, repeat. These PACs are often extremely profitable for the people who run them if they charge the PAC various fees or sell the PAC their products/services
The founder of OFD hates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So if she hates democrats so much, what is she doing trying to fundraise from democrats? What is she going to do with the money?
Now she is retweeting threats to impeach Joe Biden. Why would any sane democrat give to a PAC run by people who hate democrats? Why is this PAC specifically targeting a democratic audience for donations?
She attempted to have this thread taken down because she wants to erase any criticism of her or her PAC from twitter. In her notice, she described her PAC as her “business,” which simply proves my point that she is profiteering for personal gain in Frederick Douglass’s name
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