One of the biggest reasons your healing work isn’t manifesting into the physical is because you’re not prioritizing your DIET

The 1st chakra anchors the body into the physical. If you’re not tending to the first chakra, the other chakras can’t align with it. It’s the foundation.
You can do all the self love, affirmation, energy healing, spell work, talk therapy you want, but if you’re not eating what’s right for your body at least 65% of the time, you won’t get the full effect of healing work.

Notice I said what’s right for YOUR body,not a specific diet
A way I began to find out what was right for my body was by keeping a food journal and recording how I felt an hour, 24 hours, & 48 hours after I ate something.

I discovered my body really dislikes meat this way. I am mostly plant based now & my depression has gone down a lot
What did this also do? Align me with my divine mother energy. I wouldn’t get mad at body for being a picky eater, I would love it, pay attention to it, and it would be so happy that I cared. More and more of my healing work would anchor in. This was too, a form of self love.
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