Something i struggled with in college was taking classes in my field because i was the only Black student in class. i made friends with some of the other students but a majority of each class i got through on my own. 1/? #BlackinGeoscienceWeek
I studied alone, completed assignments alone, and when topics in class were missing the perspective of a marginalized group or environmental justice wasn’t brought up at all, i was often the only one who spoke up or even could speak on those issues.
My friends were in majors that even if they didn’t have a LOT of Black students, they had more to support each other. Academically i still did great but that’s due to me and my efforts and not my school/departments.
Because i did so well academically it’s hard for people to understand the impact that being the only Black student in classes, labs, departments, etc. can have. And I’m still facing that at Stanford in grad school.
I don’t really have any advice or a solution to end this off on. I just wanted to share part of what it’s like being in academia and #BlackInGeoscience
One last example is the many times i went to class after another murder of a Black person by police, likely after having seen footage of the murder, and everyone is just so happy and unaware of what’s happening. The professor makes no mention of it
You have to carry that burden and keep working. It’s isolating and a lot to carry but we do it because we have to. If we want to be successful there’s no option for us in this field (or any other) but to keep working
Last quarter was the first time in my academic career that professors made accommodations specifically for Black students because of the injustices and trauma we were experiencing. I’ve never been supported like that. I hope it continues because these issues are far from solved
The only advice i can offer for Black students in this position is to study with friends even if you’re not in the same major. I was alone more than i needed to be. Just because i COULD be successful that way doesn’t mean i needed to be
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