I'm going to try to tweet the big take home messages from this panel!
What should we be doing to improve the experience of #BlackGeoscientists?
#BlackInGeosphere https://twitter.com/RowanMartindale/status/1303064975984992258
@aaberhe reminds us that we need to have an open and honest discussion about race and racism in our institutions!

@seis_matters suggests that we should explicitly consider race in risk assessment!
@rachelxbernard reminds us that we should be recruiting from a broad base of scientists. Not all geoscientists start with a Geoscience major!
Many stories about how people assume that #BlackGeoscientists have not earned their place at a school/job etc. These need to stop! Aggressive questioning like this, gaslighting, and microaggressions are damaging, call them out!
@seis_matters is trying not to swear
Investigate the culture and climate of a program before attending! @rachelxbernard highlights how a good group (supportive advisors and lab mates) can make all the difference! @aaberhe Agrees!
@ShereenaDyer suggests that we need to teach our mentees how to investigate a program!
White folxs, we need to listen and call out the microaggressions!

@drdyerpietras reminds us that just because you haven't seen it (or choose not to see it) doesn't mean it isn't damaging our students and colleagues!

@seis_matters says put money behind initiatives for change, make sure every committee has 1) deliverables and 2) a timeline!

That's it, that's the tweet...
Great question from @GilesPalaeoLab: What can white people do to support our Black colleagues without taking up too much space?
1) Speak out when you see a wrong
2) Believe people and support them when they are harmed (do not gaslight them!)
3) Black people are not a monolith...
so be sure to find out what your colleagues want you to do.
4) @fracturedfola reminds us: Don't gaslighting people.
5) @drdyerpietras get to know your Black colleagues! Let's grab a coffee!
Wonderful panel! A huge thank you to the organizers and panelists! @drdyerpietras @aaberhe @ShereenaDyer @rachelxbernard @seis_matters (did I forget anyone?)
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