A #ScholarStrike thread in anticipation of tomorrow and Wednesday's action. #ScholarStrike is, first and foremost a disruption of the everyday routine in academe, an action by folx in higher ed who refuse to abide the racial injustice destroying our society. (1/x)
2. #ScholarStrike is in support of #BlackLivesMatter and in solidarity with athletes in the WNBA, NBA, and MLB who struck last week. @AntheaButler lit the fuse on here, and now we're ready for this week's action. I'm honored to be her co-conspirator and spreadsheet dude.
3. We know academic professionals are in a variety of roles and positions, many of them precarious and contingent. Above all, #ScholarStrike is about taking the actions you can take wherever you are. Solidarity doesn't look like just one thing.
4. But for those of us (and I'm counting myself here) who are fortunate to have a secure, tenured platform, STRIKE. I am full-on for this movement this week. Regular campus email will have to wait. My classes' curriculum those week is the #ScholarStrike teach-in on YouTube etc.
5. The status quo has long been unacceptable. Disruption, withholding our labor, is one way to force our campuses and communities to reckon with that head-on. Diversity, equity, and inclusion work must be more than token gestures and mission statements. *Listen to the strikers*
6. However you participate, we have resources for you. Here's a social media kit and logos/templates, as well as text you can use for an out-of-office reply: https://mailchi.mp/b8f478c259d6/social-media-out-of-office-messaging-and-scholarstrike
7. We'll have a YouTube #ScholarStrike teach-in channel running both days, and the amount of people who've lent their skills, expertise, and creativity to provide content for the teach-in is amazing. There's gonna be such good stuff happening, y'all.
8. For more information, check out our website at https://www.scholarstrike.com/ . We're on gmail at scholarstrike, as well, and we're trying to reply to everyone who's messaged us, but there are over 5000 of you and 2 of us, so plz to be patient
9. Over 5000 of y'all have signed on in support. Institutional units, departments, faculty cohorts, and professional organizations have stepped up in solidarity with #ScholarStrike. We see you, appreciate you, and challenge you to keep the work going past the strike itself
10. However you take action, whatever you do on campus with and among your students, we have to confront racist policing, state violence, and white supremacist culture head-on to make change. Defund campus police forces. End legacy admissions. Stop using surveillance technology.
11. Use the #ScholarStrike hashtag on here, FB, Insta. Look for slow and fast Twitter chats and threads tmrw & Wednesday. Make the days matter. Educate for change. Disrupt for action. Let's hold ourselves and the institutions in which we well accountable. Strike for Black Lives.
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