The Atlantic Story: Bigger Deal than you think....

So the Atlantic drops a hit piece on @POTUS that is easily debunked. It riled some folks but there is a more sinister reason for dropping it now & why they did in the first place. What event is coming? How to deal w/that event
17 Sep 2020 Starts the WH Siege. The Group is the Occupy Wall Street crew out of...Canada..... 
So, they intend to lay Siege to the White House. The very house of our President. The Commander and Chief of the US Military.
So we know there is Foreign involvement organizing this event. Read the document. These are plays on words, they mean exactly what they say. A legit response would be to secure those facililties & the rest of the National Capital Region (that's what US Mil calls DC area btw)
It's not a political issue. It's a National Security issue. Stopping the business of Government so folks can have a cathartic moment would never be tolerated under any previous administration. Any of them. So what to do, well if we recall the riots in DC & previous mini-sieges
Resistance friendly members within DoD (deepest part of the swamp) signaled to the world their dissatisfaction with the use of Federal Troops. To do so publicly had one purpose, to trick the @POTUS into issuing and order that they would refuse. He dodged that bullet.
So with the violence escalating & targeted political assassinations, the Revolutionaries are losing the public. 17 Sep is right around the corner, let's get this out before that starts (Military is not w/Potus). The perception of that must be in the minds of at least some
for them to carry off their plan. They drop a hit piece which should have been dropped much later, mid Oct at least, to inculcate in the minds of those squishy @GOP members that, POTUS has lost not only the Military, but State, Intel, etc etc. He has to go.
Anything he does to interrupt the Siege is evidence of that......THEY desperately need that Siege to pull off the shenanigans they laid out in the Transition Integrity Project. This isn't Political. It is War. The announced Siege is exactly what is claims to be.
@POTUS & the National Security apparatus should take them at the word & deal with them accordingly. Canada should be very uncomfortable right now. I would expel their diplomats and sanction all Canadian Businesses starting on 17 Sep 2020 should that Siege begin just to start.
What the Enemy, the DNC, are doing should be considered as acts of War & Sedition against the US Government. They are openly planning on disrupting our elections. Disenfranchising your vote. While our National Press corp aids and abets enemies of the Republic.
It's time we let the @POTUS know the public is with him, and we see what they are doing.

Do not legitimize the Democrat. Hold Republicans accountable.

If you don't, they'll win & we will all suffer.

just sayin.
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