maybe we could, i don’t know...dismantle animal agriculture that pushes their carcinogenic foods on low income black communities by *purposely* bombarding them with advertisements in their neighborhoods for their food more than white, affluent neighborhoods together sometime?
maybe we could dismantle animal agriculture that spends millions of a dollars a year attempting to disguise their colonized, cancer causing foods as “black culture” by using black celebrities and athletes and sponsoring HBCU activities?
maybe we could dismantle animal agriculture that purposely places CAFOs in low income, black communities which pollutes their water and air from the lagoons of feces, urine and blood which decreases their quality of life causing them preventable health issues?
maybe we could dismantle animal agriculture from purposely deporting migrants after they are done exploiting them for labor? maybe we could stop them from using people of color to work in slaughterhouses which is one of the most dangerous jobs in America? maybe create safer jobs?
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