Of all people @JeffreyGoldberg can get to defend the Valiant Honor the Troops, he chooses @DavidFrum, one of the few people in journalism with more blood of The Troops on his hands than Goldberg, by writing official lies that sent tens of thousands to their deaths: https://twitter.com/jeffreygoldberg/status/1302987010613956610
In 2004, Frum - Defender of The Troops - co-authored one of the most sociopath and deranged books in decades with neocon monster Richard Perle. Had they had their way, tens if not hundreds of thousands of more US troops would have died in pointless wars: https://www.salon.com/2004/01/30/frum_perle/
Jeffrey “Saddam-Is-Allied-With-Bin-Laden” Goldberg: the Paragon of Journalistic Integrity..

David “Axis-of-Evil” Frum: Righteous Defender of The Honor of The Troops.

We just need Dick Cheney to be presented as Human Rights Leader and we’ll have the Orwellian Trifecta.
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