a thread on why straights deserve a flag
if you opened this thread and you think that you, a straight person who has never been shamed or beaten up for who you love, deserves pride, please listen to why you should stop asking for one.
i am not against straight people and i dont think that they dont have any less value then the lgbtq community. but asking for a flag and a month when you can publicly show affection without being scolded or even made fun of is just ridiculous. its hard enough having to literally+
+ BEG for gay marriage to be legalized and yet straights still think that they should get more like straight pride months and straight pride parades... dude you have no idea how hard it is to hide who you are and have to risk losing everything like your family and your friends +
+ straight people dont have to hide who they love and yet you still ask for more? dude please stop being a narcissistic fucking asshole and please educate urself more.
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