It's that time of year again! Ruby Countdown 2: the sequel
30. Pretty late I know but hey I played around with charcoal :D
29. Mentally I'm here
28. It was raining earlier this morning so here you go
27. Happy birthday YOHIOloid woo
26. Obligatory birthday post
25. Smol
24. I'm too tired to do anything so just take this
22. More rain
20. I know I'm days behind but happy anniversary to this (I forgot I'm allowed to post old art if I need to djdbdbd)
19. I realized I never drew Ruby in her new outfit till now
18. Old doodle I found that I still like

Ignore the doggo

Or not idc lol
17. Phone call
16. I also felt like drawing Cyva too (i tried skfndb)
15. A normal conversation
14. I'll let y'all have a peek at a drawing I just finished. As a treat
13. I was listening to a song and
12. Blossom 💐🌾💼
11. I'm fine I swear
9. Ruby waiting for me to finish up this thread
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