The very first "Black Democrat" listed in this @Zachary Warmbrodt Politico article is Rep. Gregory Meeks (D - NY), who Citizens for Ethics has called "One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress". Off to a great start, Zach! LOL
The next two names, John Rogers & Mellody Hobson, are co-CEOs of Ariel Investments, the largest minority-owned mutual fund firm.

Ariel Investments LLC. serves United Airlines, ChevronTexaco, WalMart, & Pepsico (🤑). It also handles the California St. Teachers' Retirement System.
The next "Black Democrat" urging Biden to cozy up to Wall Street named in the article is Paul Thornell.

Paul was a lobbyist for Citigroup during Obama's administration, according to OpenSecrets (here:
Here's his current job:
Then there's Nicole Venable, who acknowledges in the article that it's necessary to make deals with the devil to advance a political career (I'm assuming specifically for minorities.) I'd say that rings true for a lot of white people as well, but it sounds about right.
Speaking of Nicole, here's her employment history as a lobbyist (oh. She's a lobbyist by the way. Forgot to mention that.

Her current employer, Bockorney Group, has 32 clients (here:
The article mentions Aaron Klein next, who not only is a fellow of the corporate think-tank Brookings Institution...also looks a bit...pale? Maybe that's racist. I'm sure he's as black as Wesley Snipes, and I'm just missing something. 🤷🏻‍♂️
This right here is the crux of the progressive argument, though. Thanks for including it, @Zachary.

Something US liberals and conservatives are both extremely guilty of is the tokenization of minorities and use of their identities to perpetuate our white, patriarchal oligarchy.
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