Animals living in the Amazon, one of the earth's most biodiverse habitats, face an ever-growing threat as loggers and farms advance further and further into the rainforest  1/5
Weak and dying animals that are rescued arrive at Clinidog clinic in the Amazon city of Porto Velho where four volunteers work tirelessly to save them 2/5
Xita, a tiny monkey, clutches her newborn. Vets working at the clinic believe the mother and baby were run over by a car as they fled fires 3/5
In the dry season, ranchers and land speculators set fires to clear deforested woodland for pasture. Blazes can rage out of control, fueled by the swirling wind and dry foliage 4/5
'Our personal and professional satisfaction is immense when we manage to save a life, especially when we manage to rehabilitate an animal and return it to nature,' said the owner of the clinic Carlos Henrique Tiburcio. Read more about the mission:  5/5
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