Been thinking more about the Kyle Rittenhouse situation and reaction to it from many on the Right. We need to have a major adjustment in our thinking moving forward. MAJOR adjustment.
Now, I understand why there was such a negative reaction to what happened.

1. He’s 17. Considered a “minor” by many. We live in an overly feminized society now. We just do. And women out there see him as their own little Aiden, Braydon, or Jaydon.
2. It was on video. That’s what really changes things. It’s one thing to hear about some child rapist getting a new ear hole. It’s quite another to actually SEE it. Violence is quite an adjustment for those who have never seen it.
3. People on the Right are generally more kind and like to think of their movement as being peaceful and nice.
This is all wrong. All of it. And your thinking had better change. Quickly.
“He’s a child.”

Stop with that. Stop. 17 year old men have fought and died for nations since time began. Jack Lucas (Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima) was diving on grenades for his friends at 17.
“It was on video”.

People, the coming troubles will all televised. All of them. What do you think putting down violent Leftists looks like? Do you thinks it’s decided in the halls of Congress? Or a game of Pictionary?

This is how it looks.
“But we’re peaceful!”

Yes, we are. And we should be. But cowering while Leftists kill people and destroy businesses is not “peaceful”. It’s servitude. Don’t use your desire for peace as a shield. And don’t demonize someone out there trying to stop it.
You think there’s a nice way to win this. I wish you were right, but you’re not. The “nice” way was BEFORE the Right laid down and let them take over every cultural institution. The Leftist tree has deep roots now.
We all want to live in a peaceful, safe country. But that’s a bumper sticker. That’s not a solution. The Leftists will stop their violent ways or we’ll be forced to meet them.
Lastly, if you’re mad at a 17 year old man for going to guard a business from being destroyed, you’re mad at the wrong people. Why did he have to? Why weren’t these violent riots put down months ago?
Societies seek a balance. If law enforcement is not given the freedom to put these violent riots down, then someone else WILL step up. It’s a fact. Vacuums get filled.

That’s all.
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