The Facebook page called Mewgulf Latinoamerica mistranslated Mew's words about his ideal type and Mew haters disguised as waanjai jumped on the opportunity to attack Mew calling him all sorts of names and saying he lied about being sick at destiny clinic. An enlightening thread
The first pic explains the mistranslation and the second is a top fan of the page saying Mew's illness at destiny clinic was a ploy for attention seeking. This is how waanjais feel about someone who they claim to love equally? Interesting. Spot the laugh react.
Dont you just love victim blaming? Here is another top fan blaming Mew for getting outed and consequently shunned in the industry. All this because Mew said he likes someone cute and fashionable?
Here Mew is called toxic for saying he likes someone pretty 😃 is this normal?
" i can't behe has such a beautiful face but still is such a dark person" the implication that Mew is mannerless... and to top it all off they attack Chopper for... existing?
Again... the laugh react... this is so funny haha
Mew didnt say he likes someone who wears high brands. He said he likes someone who looks good in anything they wear. "Mew wont find pure love" lmao nice one
Mew: i like a cute person who likes music and looks good in whatever

These waanjai: is this an opportunity to insult him?
Why be this ugly over a casual a playful interview? I can bet none of them watched Mew's indepth interview where he speaks extensively about his views on love.
I mean im emotionally exhausted at this point. How many times would i cry over the level of hate Mew gets?
Lol they want to cancel Mew and for what? More victim blaming and dragging Mew's past for funsies 🤡
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