1. This is definitely true of compensatory picks, and off the top of my head I can think of three examples where I saw ways to circumvent the formula within the rules that teams exploited, causing the NFL Management Council to be very reactive in the new CBA in 2020. https://twitter.com/Jason_OTC/status/1302734474367696904
2. One was the use of option years to qualify players as compensatory free agents.

As I recall, the Patriots found this first with Darrelle Revis. Then a few other teams that care about comp picks (Ravens, Broncos, 49ers in particular) followed, then most teams were doing it.
4. It also appears that the "disqualification if cut before Week 10" rule is gone. If so, this is likely another reaction to all the players who got cut for comp pick reasons last season, as listed in this tweet. https://twitter.com/nickkorte/status/1296850124111413249
5. Finally, there's a chance the Saints could lose out on a 6th round compensatory pick in 2021 because information got out before the qualification deadline that they were signing Jameis Winson, even though it was officially signed after. https://twitter.com/gregauman/status/1254594290707238916
6. NFL teams are going to do what they do: be competitive and use the rules however they can to get an edge.

And the NFL league office is going to do what it does: usually not deal with how those rules are used until after the fact.
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