thread of my thoughts on each song after my first listen of act 1

#NeverGonnaDanceAgain #Act1
1. criminal is the perfect taemin title track. it has the distinct taemin sound while somehow trumping everything that came before it. every time i listen to it, especially with the music video, i feel like i’m ascending.
2. black rose is a solid collab with kid milli. taemin’s vocals are so smooth in the verses but urgent in the chorus. it’s amazing.
3. strangers: the intro was ominous and the song itself is very haunting. i love the atmosphere it creates and it is very well-produced.
4. waiting for: it’s sexc, makes me want to salsa/slow dance with my lover (unfortunately i don’t have one to dance with)
5. famous korean ver.: i don’t know korean nor japanese, but famous is such a classic. if you don’t bop to famous, are you even human?
6. clockwork: the ticking in the background??? chilling. the song is so delicate, like glasswork. such a unique take on a ballad, the production is great as always.
7. just me and you has the classic taemin sound. it’s a whole bop. i know i will come back to this for years to come.
8. nemo is BEAUTIFUL. it is beauty. it is art. i think i am in love with the song. i think it might be my favourite.
9. the beloved pre-release, 2 kids. i love how taemin explored another sound and side of himself in this song. it’s upbeat but you hear the emotion in his voice. he’s fantastic.
end of thread. in conclusion, taemin has met and exceeded expectations again with this album, it is pure art. stream criminal soty and act 1 aoty.
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