I saw a video of a lady tying just a towel to do the "cracked head prank" at a mall.Saw another video of a girl pull down her trousers in the middle of traffic to twerk with just her pants.

I am glad that Nigerian women of today didn't inherit the silence or shame of our mothers
Those of you who are yet to participate in the Crackhead challenge should please hurry up and do so.

I look forward to seeing nipples and some pussay out there for future crackhead challenge.

Show everyone that you've been liberated from the bondage of men.
This is the video of a girl twerking in traffic. After this particular video was uploaded, female genital mutilation was abolished across Nigeria.

And girl child marriage was also abolished. The announcement will be made shortly https://twitter.com/AbrahamAdesoj1/status/1302871847034388480?s=19
And this one is of the girl with a towel at a mall in Ilorin. People showered her with too much praise and adulation that she put her account on private.

Her video has helped stop catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment against women in markets.

Sidenote: I am recommending that you follow @avalondaily while you are here. Their publish articles and podcasts that explores very complex sociopolitical issues in Nigeria and beyond.

They're my favourite platform for enriching my mind on contemporary issues within Nigeria.
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