On #WorldCleanAirDay let us take a look at some of people/organizations/efforts working towards #CleanAirForAll in India

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In late 2019, @IndAIR_NEERI was launched- a one-stop shop for studies, case materials and reports on #AirPollution in India since 1950


#CleanAirForAll #IndiaAQ
In November 2016, residents of Delhi began to come together to demand #CleanAir and @MRTB_India was born.

@CERCA_IITD is a new center on #AirPollution at @iitdelhi

Led by @somagnik, the center supports research on air quality & also regularly brings together researchers and policymakers to discuss air quality management!

#CleanAirBharat #IndiaAQ
@teriin and @CSEINDIA have worked on #AirPollution in India for a long time and continue to play an important in helping shape the policy narrative!

#CleanAirBharat #IndiaAQ
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