Just wanted to add, is this why AAY Construction was mentioned (in passing) in some media reports as sharing the same address as the alleged river polluters, Yip Chee Seng & Sons Sdn Bhd? Seemed like a strange detail to just drop in there. https://twitter.com/_joni_joni_joni/status/1302467666976714753
If responsible, I hope they are found guilty. But those who shielded the perpetrators should also be exposed, no? Otherwise, we can expect the same shit to keep happening.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
I'm sure the MB felt pressure to reveal the culprits. But was it to take heat off him (understandable), or to prevent heat from reaching other parties?

Who knows. Rakyat biasa jugak kena lancau dengan power structure.
Why oh why. https://twitter.com/1AmyChew/status/1302850323128545280?s=20
"He said last March, MPS had issued a notice to the factory management after it was found operating and running a business as well as constructing structures without any permission. However the factory management ignored the notice issued."

Must be nice to be connected.
Mandi & basuh baju perlu air, bukan darah biru.
Also, apparently Yip Chee Seng & Sons services heavy machinery. Whose machinery?

Would be very convenient for a construction company (like AAY perhaps?) that owns & uses a lot of heavy machinery to share the same address with a company that so happens to service heavy machinery.
Of course this is all pure speculation.

It's not like rich and powerful people collude & conspire to make money off people's misery and environmental degradation, right?

They wouldn't do that, right?
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