This is a disgraceful letter from authoritarian Tory bullies using fake ‘culture war’ games to distract from the government’s catastrophic failings. It’s profoundly dishonest and infantile politics, which further confirms the Tory Party’s descent into the populist sewer.
Interesting to note that all the signatories are new MPs, who owe their election to Johnson’s ‘get Brexit done’ fakery and the nationalist populism that accompanied it. They now seem intent on making a name for themselves promoting Faragist/Guido Fawkes allegations of BBC ‘bias’.
Even the language (‘on demand metropolitan elite’) is straight out of the populist playbook: BBC not only ‘biased’ but out of touch with the real people who these MPs supposedly represent, who the BBC is supposedly ignoring. Get out the tiny violins!
Their accusations are also dishonest. The BBC did not ‘censor’ the Proms. The Panorama PPE program was found on one count to have breached editorial standards by not mentioning that one interviewee was a Labour Party member. The program’s findings were not challenged.
Following on from the ‘ rightwing comedy’ non-story, this is another attempt - in this case from a bunch of Tory non-entities - to reconfigure post-Brexit British society according to rightwing nationalist fantasies of victimhood at the hands of a fictitious ‘woke’ elite.
Last but not least, it’s a distraction from a genuine national crisis in which the government-of-none-of-the-talents is about to lead us off the Brexit cliff-edge and break the agreements it once signed up to.
So it’s no surprise to find these Tory Faragists shambling out of the swamps with culture wars & barely-disguised calls to sack critical journalists.

It’s all they’ve got. And if the BBC doesn’t have the guts to tell them to jog on, the rest of us definitely should.
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