A thread of hidden behaviours of someone with #depression. Please share/retweet this thread. #mentalhealth /1
Trying really hard to uplift others and make other people happy because they don't want other people to go through what they are going through right now. #mentalhealth #depression /2
Looking absolutely okay, fine and using all their energy at work as if nothing is wrong with them and then coming home feeling absolutely exhausted and burnt out. /3 #mentalhealth #depression
Crying quietly in bed because that feeling feels impossible to control and no one will notice whilst they are on their own crying quietly in bed. #mentalhealth #depression /4
Texting "I'm okay" during a depressive episode. #mentalhealth #depression /5
Neglecting hygiene for days or even weeks. #mentalhealth #depression /6
Writing their feelings in a book because they want to write their feelings somewhere. After that, hiding that book so that no one will notice. #mentalhealth #depression /7
Trying to look happy during social events so that no one will notice their depression. #mentalhealth #depression /8
Taking more time than usual to do things whilst they are at home because everything feels so difficult. However, at work, they are as productive as they would normally be so that people won't notice. #mentalhealth #depression /9
Practising saying "I'm okay" multiple times whilst they are at home so that they will be able to hide that feeling whilst they are outside. #mentalhealth #depression /10
Responding to phone calls and saying "I'm okay" and talking on the phone as if things are okay because they don't want other people to notice their feelings. /11 #mentalhealth #depression
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