I regret my vote for @HillaryClinton, but I will not regret my vote for @JoeBiden because I am not voting him. I will never vote for a corporatist again. We live in a dying world that is being consumed by corporate greed and I won’t support evil in any form not even a lesser one.
It’d be one thing if the Democratic party asked us to hold our nose and vote for the “lesser of 2 evils” for 1 or 2 elections, but they’ve been doing this for the last 50 years and at some point brave people have to stand up and DEMAND BETTER or nothing will fundamentally change.
Yikes. I just read through some of these replies. So much hate and intolerance.
I will never look at liberals the same way again after reading these replies. Trump has turned you all into scared, fearful, and hateful people. I live in California. Our state won’t decide the election. Learn how the electoral college works. I’m voting Green because Biden sucks.
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