Guys please help us with the idea of ​​OT12 / 13, if everyone debuts the boys will be happy and we will be doing the best for their physical and mental health. The program has been torture for them. If everyone debuts, we will all win and-
We can not give up all 12/13 boys who participated in the beginning of the program are talented, and deserve to debut, as they were trainees of the company big hit intertainment.
everyone trained very hard to be able to not only participate in i-Land but also have a chance to Debut. All 12/13 boys with their descent and talents add a lot to the group. #I_LAND #I_LAND_K #I_LAND_SUNGHOON #I_LAND_NIKI #I_LAND_HEESUNG #I_LAND_JAY #I_LAND_SUNOO #I_LAND_HANBIN
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