Will be with you now & through Julian's hearing, begins in a hour in London.

A global prayer circle has just begun... please light a candle 🕯️with us & imagine Julian embracing his beloved family. When 2 or more gather on behalf of another.... 🙏🕊️ https://twitter.com/SomersetBean/status/1302862433044758529
#10 https://twitter.com/MElmaazi/status/1302878529995108352
Old Bailey https://twitter.com/jamesdoleman/status/1302882753130762242
Julian's father arrives at Old Bailey https://twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/status/1302894382681591808
Julian is meant to appear from the Wandsworth prison via video link. The Judge hasn't arrived yet.
Julian's extradition hearing proceedings have begun.
Julian Assange https://twitter.com/kgosztola/status/1302900696920989696 #FreeAssangeNow
Re-arresting him with a superceeeding indictment is grounds for appeal. This is not rules of procedure, should have been done months ago.
"Any indifference towards someone else's integrity & dignity equally threatens our own & fundamentally betrays humanity as a whole." Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
Live feed of Old Bailey exterior & public support for Julian Assange gathered. https://twitter.com/CGTNEurope/status/1302906179207786497
#FreeAssangeNOW https://twitter.com/thesmokingfairy/status/1302910331191263233
Julian has not been able to read new warrant, it was only served to him this morning.
Break in proceedings. Assange case resumes in appx an hour.
Julian's lawyers will now consult with Assange, since this is the first time in 6 months they have been able to see him in person.
This is not fiction ladies & gentlemen, this is going on now live, in United Kingdom courts. An extradition hearing of a publisher, exposing war crimes. #Benghazi @HillaryClinton https://twitter.com/JudicialWatch/status/1302758481741504513 #WeAreAllAssange #WeHaveItAll #WeThePeople #SeekingJustice Will NOT go away!
Biden was VP at the time, Barry's administration is behind Assange extradition... connecting the dots now!
Before the hearing... Julian's partner arrived https://twitter.com/PAImages/status/1302915910936735744
Apparently, Amnesty International was denied remote access to Julian Assange extradition hearing.
Barry, Joe & Hillary, what are y'all hiding? https://twitter.com/DavidhBrown/status/1302914642575065088
Julian's father & friends spoke outside the Old Bailey prior to the hearing beginning, earlier. https://twitter.com/OccupyOcupy/status/1302914203209084928
During the break, outside the Old Bailey https://twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/status/1302916990110240773
International support from Palestine & Australia https://twitter.com/Partisangirl/status/1302913342680383488
More on Amnesty being denied access... https://twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/status/1302918243414409217
Were all denied physical access to the court.
Hranfsson took over for Julian as the editor-in-chief of @WikiLeaks He also worked on the Collateral Murder publication.
More on @khrafnsson being denied access to the court. https://twitter.com/DefenseAssange/status/1302921511762886658
Judge says witness statements would be released to the public.
PEN Norway also denied access to the court for Assange extradition hearing... https://twitter.com/PEN_Norway/status/1302909856358313985
Each Assange witness will be allowed up to 30 minutes, then cross-examined.
Amnesty's Petition https://twitter.com/amnesty/status/1302259958881366021 #FreeAssangeNow
Break over, extradition hearing continues... https://twitter.com/kgosztola/status/1302926966580940801
SBS News coverage... https://twitter.com/florezcata/status/1302927812102242305 #FreeAssangeNow
London Weekly... https://twitter.com/London_Weekly_/status/1302926991981764610
"Without warning", the United States issued its new indictment this summer. Very strange, says Mr Summers, when the United States knew that the second part of the extradition trial would actually have been held in May. https://twitter.com/DanielAlling/status/1302926679543877632 THREAD
The Hacker Hoax https://twitter.com/jamesdoleman/status/1302929694820651015
Sabu https://twitter.com/kgosztola/status/1302929337008570369
Sabu https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1302931375251689476
Counsel for the US government, Jole Smith https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1302933972230561792
Observation of Julian, in a glass box https://twitter.com/MaryKostakidis/status/1302934469037285378 *Yes they really put him in a glass box.
More on Julian... https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1302935666221867011

The prayer vigil continues, for all those who would like to offer a prayer, we embrace a vision of Julian free, hugging his family, in joy & great relief! May it be so! 🙏🕯️🕊️
Defense Argument 1 https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1302935666221867011

And 2 https://twitter.com/MaryKostakidis/status/1302936335972364289
Apropos Jurisdiction https://twitter.com/MaryKostakidis/status/1302936976534810624
Summers: The prosecutor (Smith) is saying, haha, this is what we’re doing and there's nothing you can do about it. https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1302938394352386048
WeeklyLeaks Begins... https://twitter.com/SomersetBean/status/1303003857803304963
The support for Assange outside Old Bailey https://twitter.com/_taylorhudak/status/1303050846536691712
"This is not justice, not justice at all!" https://twitter.com/jlpassarelli/status/1303024102601641986
Refusal to Grant an Adjournment is a 'Gross Violation', Says WikiLeaks Chief https://twitter.com/MElmaazi/status/1303019324677017600
Wrap up from today's proceedings... https://twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/status/1303033382939566082
It will never be a crime to expose war crimes, crimes against humanity, on our watch... NEVER! We are holding those responsible to the fire. Leaks will cont until governance is transparent & honorable! Period. https://twitter.com/BoothWilliam/status/1302987577914470401 The evil want Julian dead... for publishing!
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