New NT Cabinet announced and here are some examples of Indigenous Excellence #IndigenousX
Selena Uibo takes on the senior role as Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, and will also be Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Treaty and Local Decision Making, and Minister for Parks and Rangers. #ntpol
A journo friend of mine believes Selena Uibo is the first Indigenous Attorney-General and the youngest in Australia #IndigenousX #ntpol #auspol
Chansey Paech joins Cabinet as Minister for Local Government, Minister for Remote Housing and Town Camps, Minister for Indigenous Essential Services, Minister for Central Australia Economic Reconstruction, and Minister for Arts and Culture #IndigenousX #ntpol #auspol
Chansey Paech, who was elected in Gwoja, is now Labor’s only representative in Central Australia and was Australia's first Indigenous speaker of the house. He is also the first (out) Indigenous LGBTQIA+parliamentarian in Australia #ntpol #auspol
Ngaree Ah Kit will also take on some portfolios (TBC as I missed it in the presser) and will be Australia's second Indigenous speaker of the house #IndigenousX #ntpol #auspol
*correction: Ngaree Ah Kit will not hold any portfolios but has been nominated as speaker of the house
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