Don’t try to educate the errand boy of Derek’s sweatshop. If he does not mouth these lies Derek will kick him out. The poor man has to eat,hasn’t he?
The history of Bengal betwn 1937-1947 is mostly a history of communal clashes and adjustments. To pretend otherwise is hypocrisy.
The first election in Bengal under Government of India Act 1935,held in 1937,resulted in a hung assembly with 3 parties: Congress,Muslim League and Fazlul Haq’s Krishak Praja Party. The last was of agriculturists and almost 100% Muslim,but NOT ESSENTIALLY A COMMUNAL MUSLIM PARTY
which Muslim League was. The sensible thing for the Congress then wud have been to form a coalition with them. Yet,inexplicably,Congress led by Sarat Bose refused to do so and pushed them into the lap of Muslim League. Thus began a period of persecution of Hindus in Bengal.
Congress did nothing for the Hindus in this hour of distress because of their grand delusion that they were a party of Hindus and Muslims alike. Some Hindu leaders then appealed to Syama Prasad Mookerjee (who so far had no concern with politics) to assume the leadership of Hindus
SPM responded,joined the Hindu Mahasabha,became its all-India working president within one year. Then he MANAGED TO PULL HAQ OUT OF THE CLUTCHES OF MUSLIM LEAGUE. Derek’s illiterate errand boy first says he joined a cabinet of Muslim League; and then says ‘technical mistake’!
Then Fazlul Haq formed a new cabinet with SPM which at last treated Hindus and Muslims equally. For the EDUCATION OF SARAT BOSE’S GRANDSON,SARAT BOSE WAS ALSO DUE TO JOIN THIS CABINET. But Herbert,Governor of Bengal,got him arrested and packed him off to Coonoor in South India.
Herbert then manipulated Haq to break up this cabinet. A Muslim League ministry was installed which again started the persecution of Hindus. Meanwhile Gandhiji,advises by Rajagopalachari,did a very stupid thing in 1944 by going to Jinnah’s house and practically accepting Pakistan
Then,through many ups and downs,Congress accepted partition. As soon as they did it,SPM said then the Hindu-majority parts of Bengal must be separated to give Bengali Hindus a homeland; because they will never live under Muslim domination. Congress supported him and he succeeded.
This is why Bengali Muslims,with few exceptions,hate SPM and call him ‘Shyama poka’; and stupid nominal Hindus like Derek’s gofer echo their words. Had it not been for SPM,today Bangladesh would have extended from Asansol eastwards,including Kolkata. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has
also lamented the loss of Kolkata in his unfinished autobiography.
Jinnah tried to checkmate SPM by floating an idea of Independent Sovereign Bengal. He even managed to snare Sarat Bose into it. But SPM proved too much for them. And thus we got our West Bengal in India.
Jai Hind!
Then began a horrible pogrom of Hindus in East Pakistan in February-March 1950 and Hindu refugees poured into W Bengal. Pakistan then followed a policy of squeezing out Hindus.
If SPM has not created West Bengal where would the 1.2 crores of Hindu refugees gone?
Shyama Poka,huh!
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