Why nobody should be an Atheist

These days Atheists are attacking Hinduism, trying to offend us, promoting atheism. But following Atheism isn't Logical. Lets see how -

First step of becoming an Atheist is to deny any supernatural entity, on what basis?
Their logic is "we haven't observed it yet so it dosen't exist" what kind of logic is that? Can I deny existence of something just because I haven't observed it yet?

For example there is an entity, which don't interact with matter hence you cannot observe it
directly or Indirectly, it do not reflect light, do not exert force, nor resists movement, such an entity can exist yet remain unobservable

So denying on this base that "I havent observed it" is stupidity.
For sake of arguement let's assume there is no Supernatural entity, no afterlife, no rebirth we just cease to exist when we d!e, so what?

The final objective of Humans is to be happy, nobody wants to be sad, everything we do is for two reasons,
either to attain happiness or to escape from sorrows.

So if a person worships Gods, believes that a supreme entity, loves that entity, relates to it, thinks that all universe is by him and hence respects a creation.
That person is happy and he will remain happy throughout his life and he will die happily. He has achieved the objective of life

But an atheist will run after material possessions for happiness, and will still remain unhappy inside because real happiness comes from within not.
Atheists believe in observations so go on observe yourself, for next 10 days meditate daily on a supreme entity and think you are under protection.
You will be happy throughout the day and that's what we want actually, to be happy.
Further as there is no afterlife acc. to them there are no consequences of actions here, so a person believing in God and remaining happy throughout his life is good, even is he was wrong it dosen't matter.
Hence if you are a hindu you will remain mentally free from stress, will consider world as part of Supreme reality, you will be happy and joyful throughout your life.

That's good life, Love everything and be happy.
While being an atheist, you will run after material possessions, will be lonely from inside, unhappy, will try to insult and mock others, won't have respect.

So logically Nobody should be an atheist
Note- Nobody has been able to fully explain formation of universe without role of a supreme entity, nobody can explain simply because its logically not possible.
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