2ha // heavy spoiler

let's talk about mo ran's origin and how txj became the first emperor of the cultivation world. why is he so sure of himself (in term of spiritual ability), cocky, ignorant and cruel in contrast to this so called label "dumb", "crazy", "do nothing" emperor.
i also wanna say, this thread is not to "glorify" the many crimes that he committed, but just a more closer look at this villain protagonist that mb crafted. in fact, he's well aware of it as mo zongshi, he suffered, and paid for it with his life. don't like, don't read :D
first of all, if you reach the end, mo ran blood is indeed of butterfly bone clan, a very special one. rarely they will ever have a child that doesn’t show any clues about this origin and it’s so well hidden that the person doesn’t even know they are one. (c.295)
butterfly bone clan are powerful in term of cultivation. their spiritual cores are often very strong. but since separating from the demon world, their cores gradually became weaker but their body is still full of "spiritual goods" - perfect for cultivationers to capture and use.
here's the catch. mr is those "extremely lucky" butterfly bone children who don't shed gold tears, and whose spiritual cores are extra powerful. their bloodline are so well mixed that it's even comparable to a pure demon.
secondly, there are 3 forbidden techniques in the cultivation world: heavenly spatial rift, zhenlong chess formation and rebirth. those are specially created to showcase the abilities of demons by gou chen. and they play an important part in opening the gate to the demon world.
even with the lack of informations about these techniques, txj were able to mastered all of them (this is his ticket to pass the demon gate after he died). even figuring his way around it and put them to his use, which many have tried and failed. remember xu shuanglin?
tw// corpse - insects

i'll describe briefly what exactly did txj do to mastered zhenlong chess technique and thus created "heart/mind harmony formation".

a sad thought: he is familiar around dead bodies because of his childhood (his mom) - c. 203
these "creations" and plans were carefully crafted by him for a long time before he overthrown the cultivation world and defeat them all one by one - including cwn. he was patient, cold-hearted, cruel and careful. his drive were stemmed from vengeance + the affect of the flower.
lastly, lemme talk a bit about the rebirth technique. txj in the first life time actually didn't know that he would be able to achieve rebirth, he only recognized this in the end along with his origin. and even then, it was pretty much a 50/50 bet.
with or without it, he was willing to sacrifice for cwn anyway because he couldn't bear to see cwn die in front of him ever again.

demons can rebirth easily, but they have to want to live, really badly want to live to be able to come back. and mr has always wanted to find cwn.
hence why he was able to rebirth, twice.

when the lord of the demon world offered to let him stay, he refused and said he has never wanted to dedicated himself to anyone, except for one person.
this time, he was willing to live for cwn, again and again.

"dumb", right?
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