Thread: some unsolicited advice for new lady/femme-dressing lawyers building your wardrobe. I’m very much not a fashion expert but here are some useful things I’ve learned:
1/ Before spending, ask other women at your office what people really wear (and if applicable, how often you’ll be in court). Learn about local norms. State court in Miami is NOT the same as federal court in NYC.
2/ If you find something you like, buy ALL the colors / prints. A comfy machine washable dress that’s flattering? I have my favorite one in six colors. Nobody notices.
3/ Do “the chair test” in front of a mirror with every outfit, preferably in the dressing room before you buy. Does the skirt ride up too high? Can you comfortably cross you legs? Does the shirt come untucked? Also, can you lean over without exposing yourself?
4/ Don’t be afraid of the tailor. Yes, it costs money. But they can make a “meh” piece fit perfectly, which is worth the investment if you are buying an investment piece (whatever that means for you in your budget).
5/ On the flip side, try a lot of brands and see if you can find one that reliably fits off the rack. For me, that’s Ann Taylor petites (I’m 5’3 and short waisted if that helps). It’s nice to be able to buy online and not have to tailor.
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