Hoi Twitter, you know what I hate? When my depression tells me the people closest to me don't want to be around me. That they are just too polite to tell me to fuck off. People who have invested time and energy in me. And it's so clever, it pulls from facts to make it even 1/?
More believable to me in that state they could want nothing more than for me to stop contacting them. My depression isolated me so fast and so clever. I HATE asking for reassurance from people because that feels even more needy and likely to push them away. So please, please 2/?
If someone comes to you, seemingly silly asking you to tell them they aren't a burden, that you really like the time you spend together, even if it seems SO obvious to you, or you've done it before, if you have the spoons - reassure them. Yes you can think it's silly, or 3/
Crack a joke if that's the type of relationship you have. But also clearly state your answer to put them at ease. *sigh* thank you all who have put up with my brain gremlins and feels. đź’— 4/4
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