1950s: Black people represented the highest number of two-parent households, home ownership.

1960s: (Enter "Civil Rights Era" and White Liberal hijacking -- like 2020 -- and then the Welfare State that we didn't need.

1970s: Black people now represent the highest number of SINGLE FAMILY HOMES, since the welfare benefits superseded what a man or both parents went to break their backs to work 50 hours a week for (thereby ruining any incentive to build a family together).

1980s: Crack era wipes out hundreds of thousands of Black people and ruined an entire generation of Black people. By design.

1990s: Plans to remove the welfare system are underway... only to be replaced with a crime bill designed to disparately impact the very people who were intentionally stripped of their independence, hoodwinked and forced onto welfare and now left with no safety net,

since the net had been subservience to the government for the past 50 years.

2000s: Identity politics begin, and the new White Liberal schemes begin anew. Enter Obama.

2010s: Being "woke" becomes a thing, which is one of the greatest oxymorons and ironies of this millennium; as such people who run around claiming to be "woke", are TOTALLY AND WILLFULLY ASLEEP TO THE ACTUAL TRUTH.

2020s: Black people, from a collective mindset standpoint are worse off than THE SLAVES OF THE 1800s AND DON'T KNOW IT.

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