I’m gonna say it.

New streamers. If you spend 8-10 hours every day on your ass playing video games, you’re not “grinding” anything.

It’s not 2018 and you’re not the next Ninja.

Treat this game smart. Think of your career beyond just streaming.
Not read any replies yet but I want to address something.

If you enjoy streaming and it’s hobby. Ignore me. Carry on. If it makes you happy who cares.

But, if you complain about not getting any viewers after a 10 hour stream and nothing else, then we have an issue.
Keep streaming. Keep doing what you love. But don’t use the word “grind” and think it means you’re working hard when you can do more.

Make relatable content. Expand your potential. Turn it into a business. There’s more to it than just Twitch.
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