This is because - let us be blunt - the CEPR are partisan hacks, who rather sadly have spent the last several months gaslighting Bolivians and providing a pseudo-academic veneer to claims that last year's #Bolivia election was squeaky clean.
Fortunately, this could simply not be more irrelevant in #Bolivia now. We're 6 weeks from an election here which will be thoroughly monitored & scrutinised, will hopefully be fair (& no indications it won't be) & which should finally deliver a gov't with democratic legitimacy.
So why are the CEPR bothering? It's part of a campaign against the OAS, which a few months ago was operating with the goal of ensuring that the OAS *didn't* come to monitor the elections here. (Why would the MAS and its friends want that I wonder?)
Now? Honestly no real idea. (And the OAS, along with many other observers, are coming.) It's almost certainly to do with geopolitics though, & so *yet again* #Bolivia & Bolivians are being used as pawns in other people's squabbles, with zero regard for the country's wellbeing.
Here is another very good thread on the subject:

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