Why is it so easy to spot fake news? Because those that are writing& creating it live in a bubble. Within that bubble are told certain fake facts that do not match the facts outside the bubble. They then use those fake facts to write &shape their views and it's easy to spot.
This is the problem with bubbles and propaganda in general. To be effective to those within the bubble means you are an utter failure to those outside the bubble as the use of propaganda grows and the bubble becomes unmoored from reality or other bubbles.
To escape the bubblethink, it then becomes vital to have certain central truths that are tied to reality. Many find these central truths in religious teachings that have stood the test of time. Even if you "don't believe" in God. You can't deny that the central religions have
...withstood thousands of years of human testing. If you think in "narratives" then the narratives of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are thousands of years hold and have held and grew whereas Marxism is only 150 years old and continues to fail when tried.
This is because the three narratives of the major religions stay close to "reality" with certain central "truths" while Marxism tries to reinvent "reality" going so far as to outlaw religion/God which creates a major bubble that can not withstand the human condition successfully.
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