There are a lot of low carbon things that I get to do here in Oslo (cycle easily, use clean power, travel on an electric bus, hire an electric car) that also serve as constant reminders of how individual lifestyle change *depends* on deeper, structural changes.
Again, the dichotomy of individual vs systemic obscures *another* important nuance: how hard is it for a person to make that change? What gravity wells have been installed by corporations and governments to suck us back into old, harmful behaviours ever when we try to escape?
And: can I be proud of a low carbon lifestyle if I basically sacrificed almost nothing to acquire it?

It's *easy* (note: I suck at hills, those are hard) for me to cycle around Oslo, instead of driving. I just......happen to live here. Maybe it's good that I'm not proud?
^^ In that maybe a city that simply builds the space to allow our default existence to be shared, community-driven, low-carbon and accessible to all is preferable to everyone scrambling to make massive sacrifices while those with the power to make it easier make none.
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