idk you guys, but jay park, park jongseong, jongseongie and jay are 4 diff sides of jay😂💙 a thread on why you should love all of his sides:
1. Jay Park
the good looking, attractive jay that make people keep on thinking to swerve into his lane. Also the rich jay(first time switching off the light). Jay Park never smile, he glares straight to your soul instead. Steal yo girl if he expose his forehead. A heartthrob 💙
2. Park Jong Seong
the meme-able jay which supply us with daily boost of serotonin. scare of ghost. never fails making us laugh. he's just spontaneously funny. doesn't do his bed, only cleanup if svt visits iland. surprises the whole fandom cuz he cooked and wash the dishes.
3. Jongseongie
the effortlessly cute jay, even jungwon certified this ok. jongseongie is tiny. this is a baby version of jay, he even sleeps like a baby. known as a great pouting master. makes everyone wanna pats his head. sweater paw-ing whenever he can
4. Jay
the realest & strongest jay ever. someone that is very considerate, always take care of the others. all he want is to be an artist. the romantic jay, writing letter cuz he think he's gonna get eliminated. never giveup, fall 7 times, standup at the 8. deserve to debut
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