They're afraid of us. Very afraid.

They're specifically afraid of humanity remembering who they are and in that remembrance realizing that we are living beneath what we are. They fear us outgrowing them and restoring an order they thought impossible.Realizing they're in delusion
There is nothing noble about stealing from people when they are fast asleep, or unaware. There is nothing powerful about hoarding resources and liberating technologies while people suffer. All of that is parasitic, cowardly and weak.
There is nothing impressive about grown men and women meeting backrooms to discuss how they will infect innocent people. There is nothing savvy, or 'genius' about avoiding competition in business through creating monopolies and corporate raiding. It's pathetic.
Genuine power is not parasitic.Genuine power is service based meaning that you have so much personal power you cannot help but serve others. It means you have so much wisdom that you naturally understand genuine upliftment benefits all. It means dedication and love for that path.
Many people in power at this time live in the upside down of believing they are gods. They are there not by merit, but by cowardly force and sick desperation.

The light is returning. Day by day, it is rising. Staying centred and calm will allow for illusions to be revealed.
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