Figured it out yet? It's glaringly obvious now.

CCP allowed infected citizens to fly out of China around the world. The first US #COVID19 case arrived in Seattle the same day fake articles of impeachment were pushed to Senate following an unexplainable multi-week stall.

CCP controls the WHO. Gates controlled our CDC. Early on both WHO and CDC were caught red handed lying to the world and led with proven fraudulent and later retracted studies that haulted HCQ trials and access worldwide.
Proven by NIH 15 years ago, HCQ prevents and cures early stage corona infection by piercing the cell, enabling Zinc to enter, and slowing viral replication so our immune systems can wipe it out. Azithromycin is often prescribed to prevent secondary infection. Let that sink in.
We now know less than 10,000 (6%) Americans died of the China Virus alone, which is about 15% of the number who die each year from the flu. Let that sink in.
Doctors were incentivized to class deaths as China Virus via $30,000 for each corona death, resulting in 2.6 co-morbitities for 94% of all corona deaths. Let that sink in.
Shortly after POTUS sidelined the CDC from handling the data, false China Virus positive reporting was exposed all over our country and state retractions started rolling in. Let that sink in.
Overwhelmingly led by 5 Democrat governors now under DOJ investigation for forcing infected elderly back into assited care facilities against long-standing federal rsspitory flu policy, 79.3% of all recorded China Virus deaths were elderly Americans. Let that sink in.
CCP, the WHO, CDC, Democrats, anti Trump scientific community, and the MSDNC, conspired to destroy our economy, inoculate our country through China Virus death and fear, and steal the 2020 election from the People. Let that sink in.
Just like Russia treason, impeachment, Smollett, and Convington, the China Virus, lies and shutdowns were soley political. Except this time they murdered over 160,000 Americans in a desperate attempt to regain control and power over us.

Enemy of the People.
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