According to @UMich policy, all students living on campus are required to complete pre-arrival COVID-19 testing. Some basic math shows that this has not been the case. In fact, hundreds — if not thousands — of residents have not been tested.

A thread breaking down the numbers:
The University expects 8,300 students to live on-campus this semester, according to a spokesperson. That same spokesperson said 91% of undergrads living on-campus had completed testing. That would mean roughly 750 residents were not tested, assuming the 8,300 figure is correct.
However, as of Sunday afternoon, the University’s COVID-19 Dashboard states that it has received 6,038 pre-arrival tests. With roughly 8,300 students on-campus, that would mean more than 2,000 students — or 27 percent of residents — have not been tested.
University President @DrMarkSchlissel said 5,800 students living on-campus had received a test prior to arriving on campus. That would mean roughly 2,500 residents have not been tested under the program, assuming the University's 8,300 # is correct.
One explanation could be that the University's 8,300 prediction is off. Another: not all students living on-campus have moved in.

Either way, the University knows students are moving into its dorms without the required pre-arrival test. In fact, they explicitly allow it:
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