1. The daily horrors I see south of our border and the realization that so few care about what happens there often leaves me profoundly disappointed in humanity. I try to get my mind off of it all but sometimes I just can’t. I increasingly find it to be overwhelming.
2. The side that claims to care the most about others largely erroneously insists the border is safe and everything is okay, while the side that acknowledges there’s a problem does so with the most rude and cold words possible.
3. Even now, some will respond and say “Why don’t you care about about Americans?” I do, but people saying that lack understanding. They don’t realize that what happens south of our border impacts us here. Horrible conditions there impact us here.
4. I support barriers, increased security, and policy changes that are designed to reduce the flow at the border. That said, our shared border will not be secure and safe until countries south of our border are secure and safe and until poverty is reduced in those places.
5. Simple truth is that we are going to have to properly identify our enemies to help fix our shared problem. Our enemies are transnational criminal organizations (cartels) and the politicians and businessmen who work with them—not the workers coming here to pick vegetables.
6. There are a lot of wonderful, courageous people in Mexico trying to fix their country. The best thing you can do to help them is to care what happens there: Read about it. Share the stories. Get your pastors and elected officials to care and highlight it all. Shine light.
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