I don’t know that I’ll ever understand.

You were sold hate and fear against Obama. He was going to take your guns and turn our country into a socialist hellscape. Sharia law in schools.
He didn’t do those things. It never happened. He never championed those things, but you were sold fear of what he was doing in secret, what all his talk about respecting and taking care of each other was code for.
You were sold that same hate and fear for Clinton, and now it’s Biden and the Squad and whoever else. They’re going to take your guns. Want to burn your homes, take your jobs away. Socialist hellscape, take your freedoms.
They don’t want those things, don’t talk about wanting those things, but you are sold fear of the specter of those things, the shadowy unspoken evil of liberal candidates that there is no evidence of, no history of.

And yet...
There is plain evidence that our democracy is being eroded, attacked.
There is plain evidence of someone peddling racial division.
There is plain evidence of someone who does not have the skills, the temperament, the empathy, the interest for leading this country.
There is plain evidence of someone who lies constantly, that he is not truly conservative, or truly Christian, or truly patriotic.
I don’t know that I’ll ever understand how the imagined fear of someone who is being sold to you as an enemy is so much stronger for some than the actual danger right in front of us.
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