Our #BlackLivesMatter sign was stolen last night. A thread.
. @BLMSeacoast held it’s first event, a rally, in downtown Exeter yesterday. We went. It was inspiring, and thoughtful, with speeches from local leaders.
Additionally, two teen boys had walked past earlier in the night, making fun of a person with special needs who had walked by. They didn't notice my partner standing outside with our dog at first.
When the boys saw my partner, they walked a bit, then turned and shouted at them, too. It is incredibly disheartening and upsetting to know they mocked someone, and then proudly did so again upon being spotted.
It's hard to dissociate the two events from one another. It's hard not to believe that it was the boys - though it very well may not have been.
A NH state representative, who lives not far from Exeter, posted on Facebook earlier this week: "If you see a BLM sign on a lawn, it’s the same as having a porch light on at Halloween. You are free to burn and loot that house."
This type of behavior - whether it is "merely" theft, whether it is intentional targeting of a queer family, whether it is overt racist behavior - is happening right here in our own community. This is not okay.
House Minority Leader Dick Hinch, when asked about Spillane’s comments, said that he trusts Spillane “meant no harm.” Well. Spillane *literally* advocated for and encouraged harm in that post, so that’s an interesting takeaway.
We as a family don’t need anything - we have enough money to buy a new BLM sign. We have enough money to donate to @Melanie4Senate (did you know she’s the only POC ever elected to the New Hampshire State Senate?)
We don’t have enough money to hold @ChrisSununu accountable. He’s said he stands with #BlackLivesMatter , but when members of his own party openly and proudly call for harm to Black Granite Staters and their supporters, he’s silent. And THAT speaks volumes.
What we do need is for everyone to call the Governor 603 271-2121, and tell him to demand Spillane resigns immediately. We also need you to vote. Sept 8 & Nov 3. And remember, don’t vote for members of a party that welcome racists, misogynists, or white supremacists. #NHpolitics
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